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Playful Kids Bedroom Design


Children are the main source of joy of having a family. One of the most difficult thing about having a child is decorating their bedroom. Kids can grow so fast so it is important to design rooms that they will benefit from for a long time. This bedroom has a very girly theme with a bright and nice design of pinks and neutrals. There is something warm with the entire design of the room because we added elements like the headboard which is upholstered in leather. You will love how the bed is placed in the center of the room near the windows which adds a nice cozy vibe. Our top priority with when it comes to the bedroom is maximizing storage space. We added a drawer and an open shelf with fancy colorful storage boxes. This girl’s bedroom has amazing design features that are must-haves for your stylish girls. Shades of pink are perfect for girl's bedrooms and mixing them with pastel colors makes it easy to achieve a theme aesthetics that is soothing feminine. You will love the pink and neutral features which stand out in this bedroom. We customized the walls with flower stickers which adds a more personalized character to the bedroom. 


Soon enough it will be time for your child to upgrade to her "Big Girl Bedroom” Our team makes sure that the design will be able to grow with them for years. The main concept of this bedroom is a chic and pink design because it looks so feminine and girly. This room is inspired by a contemporary design with some classic elements which mimics a regal design. Imagine princess bedrooms which makes your daughters feel like they are one of the royalties too. You will notice the marble floors and the customized pink marble walls – super chic and elegant. Overall this design has a dash of vintage, touch of whimsy and a little contemporary that are all seamlessly coordinated into this beautiful and chic kid’s bedroom. We made sure to add the easy to reach storage spaces to make it easy for your child to clean up. We also added a multi-purpose desk which is perfect for your child's study time and reading time. We decided to keep the floor area wide and clean to make sure that they have enough space to move around. We used the pink and beige to make the bedroom look more pleasant and the light colors will look more warm with natural sunlight. You will notice that we used fairy lights installed in the ceiling, we used them in to create a dreamy atmosphere with vintage and contemporary styles. 

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