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Modern chalet designs in Jeddah


The lovely blend of pink, white, and proper lighting in this modern Saudi Arabia interior design is one of its most impressive features. One of the key focus areas of current interior design is the notion of pink through walls and decors. To complement the complexity and elegance of this modern interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design with its best interior designers in Riyadh uses luxury materials completed in custom-made detailing.


Luxury Antonovich Design means business when they say "contemporary." This pink room is unquestionably a top luxury bedroom design by the best interior designers in Riyadh. The room has a premium modern light mood as its motif. It's designed to show off a girly bedroom that's ideal for a lady or a girl. The pink and white, as well as the lovely gray, are all complementary hues. The decors also add to the top luxury bedroom interior design's contemporary feel made by one of the top interior design companies in Saudi Arabia.


Many people dream of having a soothing bedroom interior design. Take inspiration from this stunning pink and white decor, which was created for the neighborhood's most affluent residents! The lovely Saudi Arabia interior design features a spherical ceiling, which gives the chandelier a great focal point. Below it is a beautiful bed with a pink accent and beddings that make this a wonderfully pleasant bedroom interior design. The bed frame is one-of-a-kind as well, with a soft texture for added comfort. 

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