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Cozy Kids room design

The childhood, the length of about sixteen years (it is precisely such boundaries that scientists place) can be conditionally divided into several quite different periods. And the design of the interiors of children's rooms takes into account the characteristics of each period. That's the only way you can create the ideal environment for your child. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered a concise modern style for the eldest son of the owners of an elite apartment in Dubai aged 14 years. In a relatively small space, the authors of the project succeeded in combining the sleeping area and the study area in such a way that the child felt absolutely comfortable at every moment of stay in his room. This children's room design demonstrates how versatile can be a modern style with a touch of minimalism. This multifaceted interior, designers expressed with the help of a combination of a contrasting range of hues, from a light palette to bright blue colors. Also, interesting is the decoration of the walls behind the bed headboard. A 3d volumetric panel of a steel shade with a geometric ornament interestingly plays chiaroscuro and at the same time is wonderfully combined with wood in the decor of the walls. Harmonizes the space a combination of shades in the decor of the walls, the decor of the bed and the decor of the window. So the coverlet on the bed of silk of a silvery shade is combined with the decor of the wall, and the silken cushions of a saturated blue color perfectly repeat the color of the curtains. Furniture, in this case, does not load space. It is extremely functional and ergonomic.

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