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Best kids bedrooms

The luxurious interior for the little fairy was created by designers of Luxury Antonovich Design studio. Interior design children's room is perhaps the most interesting, touching and multifaceted trend in interior design. In this direction, it is necessary to take into account the hundreds of nuances. This gender and age of the child, his hobbies, lighting standards, and other aspects. The interior is not only should be a comfortable living environment but also should educate the child good taste from an early age.This room is designed for the youngest daughter of the owners of the luxury house, the age 5 years.Pink shades range was ideal for the decoration of the bedroom, although, like original solutions in the style of Art Deco.Let's admire by the charming moments of the bedroom interior for the girl. Let's start with the ceiling design.The ceiling is decorated with sumptuous plaster with a pearl luster. It in the middle adorned with a pretty deep niche in the form of a flower. It highlighted from inside around the perimeter, which makes the image of the ceiling decoration a particularly vivid and expressive. And this beauty complemented by lush stucco with a chandelier in a classic style.Curtains design in the interior of the children's bedroom is harmoniously continues the color scheme and interior design concept.Silk velvet shades of tea rose gracefully picked up by cords with tassels. Another highlight of the interior has become an elite Italian furniture, which is decorated with soft velvet panels and mirror inserts.Incredibly charming bed with upholstered headboard in the form a butterfly's wings stylishly looks at the background of soft velvet panels on the wall.

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