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Girls bedroom ideas

Creating each interior, interior designers of design studio Luxury Antonovich, primarily seeking to create an ideal environment for the customer.This luxurious bedroom has been designed for the eldest daughter of the house owners. Interior fully corresponds to a bedroom for adults. But the designers have added some charming accents to emphasize that the owner of these apartments is a young girl.To this objective also contributes a bright range of colors.The culmination of the beautiful interior story became a luxury bed and wall decor behind its headboard.It is in bedrooms interiors soft textile panels have become the most popular element of the decor.This decor embodies the softness and warmth of home comfort but also serves as a wonderful soundproofing material. This further contributes to a comfortable rest and healthy sleep. The headboard itself decorated with a soft panel of velvet in bright colors with diamond shaped buttons.The additional charm of this element of the bed gives carved decor in the form of beautiful flowers. Splendor and harmony to the decor panel add two symmetrically arranged inserts of cream color velvet in a frame of white wooden frames.Beautiful bedroom interior impresses with its magnificent decoration. The floor of white Italian marble with a soft fluffy carpet combines practicality and warmth of home comfort. Particularly elegant and magnificently beautiful in the interior looks a luxurious silk curtains shade of mint. Curtains decorated by soft holders in the form of large brushes. Tenderness and elegance bedroom interior fully corresponds to the character of the room owner.

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