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Children's bedroom in apartment


This bedroom interior design for kids is situated part of a residential apartment. Luxury Antonovich Design has arranged the most wonderful interior design setting and mood to achieve a very pleasant and classy interior design. Let us begin with the ceiling schemes. Even the bedroom has limited spaces, the Luxury Antonovich design still manages to perform the most wonderful arrangement of lighting and ceiling decoration. A bubble-style chandelier with a gold-plated metal stem creates a very attractive mood for the bedroom that kids truly love. A very creative gypsum detail has been performed by the in-house gypsum expert of Luxury Antonovich Design. To make the bedroom extra functional and stylish, Luxury Antonovich Design has arranged a very nice closet design that has been attached to one side of the bedroom. A magnificent wall gallery with a very nice arrangement of bookshelves and displays has been performed against the bedside of the room.

With a white base hue for this bedroom, the interior design has been perfectly matching the tiffany blue details of the bed, chairs, and even with the curtain design. The overall look of the bedroom seems so very classy and calm as the Luxury Antonovich Design has perfectly pick each decoration, hue, and furniture design with a very consistent style. Luxury Antonovich Design has installed a customized size carpet design with very fine and elegant details. This children’s bedroom in the apartment achieves the most comfortable and cozy interior design mood, As the Luxury Antonovich Design has performed very skillful interior design techniques to make the bedroom looks very pleasant and functional. Luxury Antonovich Design also levels up the coziness of the entire interior setting having the most wonderful decoration and selection of furniture design. The most important task that the Luxury Antonovich Design has performed in this children’s bedroom in an apartment is how the team considers the personal points and style that the owners would like to perform by featuring the personality and interests of the children that will be occupying the bedroom. From then natural uniqueness and sophistication will surely emphasize the entire bedroom interior design.

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