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Kids bedroom design Nigeria


Being part of an expensive villa design in Nigeria, Luxury Antonovich Design worked an extra detailed and skillful performance in decorating this royal-style bedroom interior design for kids. With a very prestigious gold details design towards the walls and gypsum, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the best suitable chandelier and lighting arrangement that brings the perfect blend of brightness in the entire bedroom interior. The bedroom is spacious and the most functional design as it has a twin bed set up decorated with extremely luxurious fabrics made up of premium class materials and a high-quality finishing design. This royal-style bedroom interior design is part of an expensive villa design in Nigeria. Having a royal style concept design requirement, Luxury Antonovich Design has worked an extra effort to be able to fulfill the most remarkable interior setting which is being required by the owner.


To perform a twin bed arrangement in a room is one of the greatest strategies to save spaces for the interior, even expensive villa designs and palaces are also usually preferring to have a twin bed set up to save space and provide a very functional villa design. Setting up a twin bed style is not only about the interior mood or space-saving, it could also be the start of building a very good relationship. As they grow older, they will learn how to share such things that both of them could have as one. Luxury Antonovich Design works not only about performing great beauty in every project but always deliver great design full of inspiration and passion towards work. From then natural creativity will emphasize most especially in interior design. Working with the greatest goal to achieve the satisfaction of every client is always such a pleasure with the Luxury Antonovich Design team. Bringing out the perfect convenience and utmost relaxation towards the client has been always an objective for the entire team. And with this kids bedroom design Nigeria, Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed accomplished a very remarkable interior design with the finest mood and aesthetic perfection.

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