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Kinder play room interior by Katrina Antonovich


Children have more a more playful side and we believe that the colors to use in their playroom are bright. They are more responsive to fun colors that is why we made sure to apply and incorporate fun and bright colors in this playroom to make it appealing to children. Playrooms should be a fun and safe place for kids. In this model playroom you will see that we are committed to the theme of making it playful and fun. We carefully designed this space to make it magical for kids of all ages.

  • Functional: Of course a playroom should be working well and functional. Kids are very active and it is important to add amenities that will serve them well. We added several swing sets in the center of the playroom to give kids plenty of activities to do. The slides and the obstacles are also perfect to exercise your child’s strength and endurance during physical play. We also added another part with a castle design for little girls area.
  • Color and Depth: We try to keep the playroom as personalized as possible. We make sure to build a palette that will establish your child’s mood and to keep their imagination working. This mini jungle inspired playground will definitely be a safe space for your children to play in.
  • Furnishing: The furnishing in this playroom is perfect for kids of all ages. We added a sitting room inside the castle so your children can entertain guests and friends of their own.
  • Plantlife: The plants installed creates a beautiful nature like vibe inside the playroom. This will make your children feel like they are still playing outside while they are safe inside your home.


This playroom is very personalized with all the details that makes it customized. This will keep your child’s imagination and it is a great place to develop them physically, emotionally, and mentally. As parents of course you only want the best for your children. Providing them their needs is important to help them face the world with a happy soul. We bring in a family-friendly facility inside your home to create a more holistic approach in your child’s development. This will help your children have fun while purposely learning things inside their playroom. This playroom is divided into three zones which all have different activities they can do. They can play in the obstacle to develop their physical abilities. Play inside the caste to develop their imagination. They can also sit still in front of the television if they have decided to take a rest. They can also still nap inside the playroom because we designed it to have corners where they can rest. Overall if you wish to give your children the best then you are looking st the right page. We are here to help you execute whatever plan you have in mind.

We suggest once again plunge into the world of childhood fantasies. Another great example, when a large area of the house determines the full disclosure of the theme of one of the trends in design art. The design of childrens rooms often limited in space in which it is necessary to improvise and clearly follow the ergonomics of the interior to combine several differently designed zones. This is a zone for sleep, a zone for games, a zone for classes and, sometimes, a zone for exercising. But in this project, the team was lucky enough to work with a large room, which was allocated for. This allowed us to create a completely isolated and separate world for game recreation. There is no place for strict rules and canons. It is here that you can use all of your fantasy and create combinations of decor elements, shades, and furniture. Here everything obeys only one law, namely a happy childhood. The room resembles the beautiful world of fantasy, where good always wins, and magic exists. To achieve this effect of forming an isolated world of fairy tales, interior designers for ceiling decor offered a special cover of sky-blue color with LED lighting, which completely repeats the effect of the cloudless sky. The room is full of diverse elements of decor. So, for example, decorative palm trees turn a room into a jungle for adventure. The islets of green carpet coverings intersect with parquet from natural wood. Furniture items are placed around the perimeter of the room.

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