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house design 2017

The interior design in the hotel room was very cozy, stylish and bright. This is one of the perfect examples of how luxurious modern style can be with an emphasis on minimalism. The interior is dominated by a pastel range of beige shades. This certain monochrome color palette is wonderfully diluted with accents of lighting, furniture, and decor. The decor of the walls is full of interesting ideas. The wall behind the headboards of the two beds was decorated with a decorative panel of genuine brown leather and a light beige hue. The panel is framed by a double white molding and a line of soft LED lighting. Vertical inserts of fine lines of polished stainless steel make this decor element even more interesting and expressive and also visually makes the height of the room higher. Continues the design of the walls panels of varnished natural wood. The windows in the room are decorated with modern blinds, which can be controlled using the remote control. Furniture in the interior became a laconic continuation of the walls decor. Lightly beige bedside tables gracefully fit in the interior. In the decor of the floors, light marble and a natural carpet are beautifully combined. Interior designers improvise with accents. Notice how beautifully the golden edging is combined in the decoration of the beds and the line of polished brass, which delineates the solid wood in the decoration of the walls. The simple design of the ceiling, which is covered with plain plaster and complemented by modern ceiling lights, very favorably shades the rest of the interior decor.

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