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Luxury Children's Rooms Interior

For the youngest daughter of the villa owners in the UAE, a spacious room was allocated. And it has given the opportunity to realize all the design ideas. Girls room ideas that interior designers offer are based on the children's dreams and fantasies. In this project, girls room decor has a very gentle and refined character. The basis of the author’s project is a color palette of delicate lilac shades. Interior space is divided into several zones. These are a rest area, a games area and an area for study. Girls room decor is impressive by its diversity. In the walls decoration, the designers perfectly combined soft wall panels, mirror panels and decorative elements in the form of butterflies. The motif of delicate butterflies is supported in the ceiling decor. All the girl's room ideas emphasize the gentle and graceful character of the young owner. There is enough space for the girl and her friends, where they can spend wonderful time playing favorite games. The furnishings are fully consistent with the overall interior design concept. Girls room ideas and girls room decor are one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work. Communication with the young owners of rooms brings a lot of joy, and we bring that joy in new images of unique projects.

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