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Comfortable Children`s Bedroom Design For Boys


Boys always love adventure, they are mostly more creative that girls. That is why when it comes to developing a bedroom interior design for boys, it has been always a challenging task for interior designers. In this article, let us know how the Luxury Antonovich Design – the provider of the best interior design Dubai has accomplished the most remarkable bedroom interior design for boys. Hues has been given to perform with a darker shades at the same time is to create a very functional and artistic design features. This children’s bedroom design for boys has the most comfortable ambiance, as the Luxury Antonovich Design has performed the most creative and fascinating balance towards the style and the moos of the interior.

This comfortable children’s bedroom design for boys has a twin style bed setting. It has been filled with the most wonderful and creative wall art pieces that makes the bedroom looks more interesting. Even it is a twin bedroom interior design, Luxury Antonovich design has managed to achieve the setting with the best interior design Dubai and create it very functional. It has the right spacing for the study area with two separate desks and a very nice arrangement of cabinetry and drawers for a more useful purpose. The bedroom has the perfect shades of lighting at the same time has a great access of natural sunlight during the day thru a huge glass window covered by the finest fabrics for curtain and shades.

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