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Kids room design ideas


A separate world inside the apartment — this is exactly what the design of the childrens room should be. It requires a special approach to design. Aesthetics alone is not enough; a thoughtful concept is needed. It can be bold and exciting. A room for a girl is a small work of art that emphasizes the individuality of your child and the desire for beauty.

The interior of the kids room from Luxury Antonovich Design must first of all be beautiful, but functional. It is necessary to harmoniously place several important zones at once: sleeping, play, study. The interior design of the childrens room should be appropriate to the child’s age, level of development and hobbies. The design of the room for children is based on environmentally friendly materials. It is obvious to everyone that all the source materials used for organizing construction and fit-out works, making furniture and decorative items should be safe. But with all this, the surface of the kids room should be practical.

Design stages of a childrens room from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— collecting the necessary information about the preferences and tastes of the child;

— the implementation of planning or redevelopment;

— selection of interior style;

— lighting;

— selection of furniture;

— color solutions;

— decoration;

— the final touches.


One of the features of the childrens room is associated with a large set of functions that it performs. Zoning of such a multi-profile space is inevitable, because it is necessary to allocate not only a zone for sleeping and rest, but also to designate a place for studying and creativity, and in some rooms a sport (active) zone is necessary. The general view of the room and the atmosphere reigning in it depend on the proper selection of colors. Thanks to the gentle tones, you can create a soft, relaxing atmosphere, and with the help of contrast transitions — it is advantageous to highlight important interior items.

Our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design do not follow the stereotypes in design and do not decorate the whole room in one tone depending on the gender of the child. Monotony bothers, and does not look very stylish. We prefer to choose light, gentle tones, having diluted them with bright color accents in a decor and textiles. Childrens room for a girl is an air and easy space. A delicate purple color is perfect for wall decoration; it will not only visually increase the space, but will also give your child the opportunity to choose the color combinations of decorative elements.

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