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Chic Children's Room Interior

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Interior design for children is a separate direction in interior design. The villa design Abu Dhabi is in the classical style, in the best traditions and its compliance with the rules. Elegant and respectable image of the apartment underlines the respectability of the villa owners. For the room interior of the youngest daughter of the villa owner the interior designers offered to leave stiff and sumptuous decoration. The atmosphere is soft, easy with romantic mood. The basis of the interior image became soft blue and cream colors. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi gracefully arranged space of the room, highlighting the features of architectural planning. This is clearly expressed in the curtains design. Two windows are draped with luxurious silk curtains of noble creamy, which is trimmed with a wide pale blue piping. Role of tulle is performed by Roman shades of pure white translucent fabric. In the children's room interior an elegant hint of the luxurious decoration became the door made of wood of valuable species that is encrusted with gold carved decor. Interior designers in each project skillfully combines tradition and innovation. More vivid and expressive modern interiors are made by new lighting techniques. Ceiling design with decorative butterflies and ornate chandelier is complemented by lines of LED backlighting. For wall decor authors of the project offered silk wallpaper in cream color with delicate ornaments. Luxury bed of wood with carved decorations is complemented with soft pouf at the foot.

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