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Racing Car Theme Kids room design

The design of kids room decor for the younger son of the elite owners of the house become an excellent reflection of the interests of the child and his character. For the interior design for children aged 3-6 years, psychologists advise to safely choose bright and rich colors. The color palette of the interior is dominated by red and blue colors. The room is full of thematic interior decorating styles, which is associated with the automotive theme. And in particular, car racing and the famous brand Ferrari.The epicenter of the bright and expressive image of the interior was the bed in the form of a car. Wall Decor also looks quite bright.Interior designers have offered a large a photo panel depicting racing and beautiful decor panels with additional LED lighting. Blinds in the home decor Nigeria of a child's room perfectly fit into the overall picture of bright colors. Noble silk with thematic prints logos is gathered in smooth folds. The house decoration pictures looks very expressive and varied, thanks to the rich decoration of the walls and ceiling. The most laconic interior - floorings decor.Elite parquet of light wood and natural carpet in muted color scheme brought in the room home comfort and warmth.Stretch ceilings open up the possibility of the implementation of bold design ideas boys room decor.The blue background is full of white backlighting lines that further enhances the dynamic mood of the interior.The space of the room is divided into two zones. The recreation area and an area for learning.The soft furniture upholstery made of genuine leather complemented by soft pillows like with a family crest embroidery and also embroidery Ferrari logo. The design of an exquisite children's room emphasizes gentility and respectability at home in each room house decoration in Nigeria.

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