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Children`s Bedroom Interior Design

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Interestingly, it is exciting and difficult to work on the design of childrens rooms for teenagers. This wonderful age, when childhood smoothly flows into adulthood, causes peculiarities in all spheres of life. And, of course, in interior design. And this project has become especially particularly interesting in the work. After all, it is about creating a beautiful and comfortable interior for two brothers 13 and 14 years old. Children share one common interest in football and in general sports. For the design project of the childrens bedroom, studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered a modern style with an emphasis on minimalism. The predominant colors in the palette of the interior were white and blue. The original textile design in this project has become fundamental in creating an individual and unique image. Interior designers combined the design of the window with the decor of the walls. The window was decorated with curtains in a modern style made of silk of a beautiful blue hue, which looks even more interesting thanks to the edging made of silk of bronze shade. The smooth folds of the fabric beautifully shimmer under the light of the chandelier or the suns rays, framing the snow-white tulips. These motifs the interior designers continued in the decor of the walls. Two niches, which became the basis for zoning sleeping areas, decorated with exactly the same silk as in the decoration of the window. Continue this beautiful shine of blue silk which covers the beds. And bronze accents are present in the decor of the soft headboards of the beds with a diamond-shaped texture. For the decoration of the floors, natural parquet made of valuable wood was ideal. contemporary home design, creative house plans, design home plans, design your own bedroom

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