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Kids room interior for girls


A room for a girl is a small work of art that emphasizes the individuality of your child and commitment for beauty and pure intentions. That is why our company Luxury Antonovich Design think carefully about the interior design of the kids room for girls and try to make it not only the most convenient, but also beautiful, and able to form the attitude of the girl and her sense of beauty. The general view of the room and the atmosphere of it depends on the proper selection of colors and shades. After all, thanks to the gentle tones, you can create a soft, relaxing atmosphere, and with the help of contrast transitions — you can highlight the important interior items.


We wanted to design the room in neutral beige tones, but did not want to get a faceless room with an average interior design, that is why our decorators and designers had a great deal of work, and made some contrasts of joy in the form of soft pink and gold. These colors are perfectly combined with each other and stand out on a beige background in a bright and juicy way. Original furniture and decor items in kids room will bring some chic and aesthetics in a common space of a little princess.


The textiles in the room has same importance as the furniture. Without them, the kids room will seem to be standard, uncomfortable and inartistic. The filling of the room in project of Luxury Antonovich Design is always full of originality, style, class and brightness. Sweet shade of pink is considered to be a traditional attribute of the interior design of a child’s room for a girl. Such a room will become a favorite place for rest and relax, games and study of your child. A competently selected carpet will bring a touch of cheerful mood to any room. Its color combination with other textile items will allow to create a unique style and color solution in the room. Styling furniture and fit out for past epochs draws the attention of unusual design, and also serves as a central accent in the interior. The furniture ensemble in a room evokes associations with the era of the late Empire style and will help to educate a girl in a necessary way. Mirror ion the wall is an irreplaceable component of the interior of the kids room for a girl. That is why we moved further and made a perfect design of a mirror in a massive, but elegant frame with golden decorative fit out, that will become a perfect tool for the young fashionista.

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