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Study kids room interior

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The interior design of kids study room is a fairy-tale world in an apartment for your children. It is necessary to approach the design of a kids study room with a special positive mood, and also to take into account their tastes and wishes The design of the study room project is interesting and exciting.

There is a direct dependence between the effectiveness of the kids education and the convenience of their workplace. Moreover, children health depends on furniture solution and lighting. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design will help you to organize and create the design of the working area in the childrens study room correctly.

Katrina Antonovich and her Luxury Antonovich Design Company developed a special design for the childrens study room. They sought to create an optimistic environment where children can gain knowledge, but also be able to experience the world. The companys architects have developed a comfortable place to explore the world, trying to change the usual attitude of adults and children to the childrens study room interior.


The designers tried to avoid childish images, actively used the classic style design, which makes the space elegantly modern and unusual. The idea of designers is that the surrounding space of the study room, its interior attracted the attention of children to such important aspects of our life as ergonomics and aesthetics. Therefore, in this study room there are no standard and dull design ideas. But there are many bright and interesting furniture and technical elements, as well as modern design solutions. All materials used in this project are safe and environmentally friendly.

Conciseness and simplicity of lines, practicality of furniture and ease of use of all elements of the interior, comfort and coziness, achieved by a competent furniture selection and decor — these are the main motives that are characteristic of the design of a childrens study room in classic style.

When choosing tables, chairs, textile and other accessories, in addition to the quality of these products, our designers had to take into account the age, gender, character and preferences of children. We paid special attention to the influence of the color gamut of the surrounding space on childrens well-being, so the interior does not have screaming and contrasting colors that adversely affected the mood.

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