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Children's Room Interior Design

Boys room ideas by Antonovich Design always differ with daring improvisations. This cozy and stylish kids room interior has been created for the eldest 14-year-old son of the apartment owners. A modern style with a bright and dynamic nature perfectly fits for this project. The basis of a bright and dynamic image is the ceiling design. The niche is filled with a tension element with lines of LED lighting. Dubai Interior Designers using advanced lighting techniques made the interior as a bright and expressive image. Girls room interior is designed to educate the impeccable taste and understanding of beauty. In the interior, there is a perfect harmony and combination of lines, shapes, colors, and textures. The wall behind the headboard is decorated with an array of valuable wood, which is covered with varnish. Against this background, a picture of the world map, and a large comfortable bed look bright and stylish. The bed looks comfortable and stylish at the background of a soft carpet with a high pile. Laconic interior design, which is not loaded with unnecessary details of decor perfectly corresponds to the main purpose, the feeling of absolute comfort.

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