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There are numerous ways to create environments appropriate for bachelors that are both gorgeous and elegant, custom and off-the-shelf, warm and welcome, using color schemes, furniture types, art selection, and value engineering. Avoiding clichés wherever feasible is the first step in building a designer-caliber bachelor home on a budget. Clichéd design ideas quickly become old, increasing the likelihood that a room will need to be redecorated. Sure, leather sofas are sturdy — and nothing says masculinity like worn-in, weathered textures — but there are many other guy-friendly options that are far more unexpected and one-of-a-kind. With leather often costing up to $250 per hide and an average sofa requiring five hides for upholstery, velvet, boucle, and linen are excellent low-cost options. When shopping for upholstery textiles, budget at least $35 per yard for something excellent quality and long lasting. If you skimp on upholstery fabric, your pieces will almost certainly cost more. Blue is the most popular color for men; yet, using it in accents or selecting a muted shade frequently gets more mileage than a space totally covered with cobalt. Grey and brown are two traditional colors for mens spaces. These colors go with almost anything and can take on highly elegant identities depending on what theyre matched with. When painting walls in a bachelor pad, Sherwin-Williams Intellectual Gray and Well-Bred Brown are excellent choices for introducing color in a high design style. Consider strong reds or royal purples for male-friendly contrast to these tones.

Another typical stereotype connected with bachelor apartments is the absence of windows. Window treatments are generally associated with femininity by men, however they are gender neutral and serve a vital role in insulating interiors, decreasing noise pollution, and preventing fading of furniture and/or carpets. Choose solids with metallic sheens or rough textures and prints with geometric patterns, pinstripes, tartans, or plaids to give window treatments a male personality. Tailored pleats offer interest while being gender neutral, such as inverted box pleats or top pinch pleats. When selecting fabric for window treatments, make sure the fabrics are labeled "drapery weight." Upholstery weight fabrics are far heavier than drapery weight fabrics, which might cause the draperies to fan out and lose the intended fitted look. Window treatments should be lined as well for that high-end look. Lining aids in the appropriate hanging of drapery panels and guarantees neat, fitted folds from top to bottom. Blackout liner is a fantastic solution for places that receive a lot of sunshine but are intended for rest and leisure. When curtains are drawn closed, they can block out nearly all of the light. To properly budget for window treatments, keep in mind that an 8-foot tall by 4-foot wide window requires seven yards of fabric to make two single drapery panels. When money is scarce, designers generally choose for basic, low-cost textiles like cotton duck.

Tailored upholstery elements are fantastic for adding high-end accents of sophistication and elegance to a mans room. Sofas with simple button tufts, dubbed "Mad Men Style" in pop culture, have been popular since the 1960s and have yet to go out of style. Streamlined fabric on sleek-lined chairs can take on new looks depending on how theyre decorated. If a girl companion enters the picture, these types of things can be made more feminine by using botanical designs on throw pillows or blankets. Sticking with solids on fundamental furniture pieces saves money because the pieces may be easily transformed with patterned throws and blankets. Nail head detail can be utilized to dress up an otherwise plain piece of furniture or to add a rock-and-roll edge to more traditional-style furniture. Attaching nail head accents to the borders of plain, budget-friendly chairs or barstools with a mallet, or dropping them off at a local upholstery shop and having it done professionally, is a fantastic way to give them a high-end facelift.

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