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Contemporary Children's Room for Boys

We consistently deliver the greatest interior design executions with the best results. The objective has always been to obtain the greatest positive response from the client/property owner. And, when it comes to kids bedroom interior design, Antonovich Group is also working hard for innovation and a new appearance in order to create the most desired kids’ bedroom interior that they will undoubtedly enjoy. Because children are the pride and pleasure of any family, they always deserve the finest in terms of food, clothing, toys, and even the nicest space in the house that they will inhabit.


Antonovich Group has enhanced the new face of luxury bedroom interior design with a fantastic fusion of colorful tones, complimenting the elegance with a collection of metallic ornaments and accessories. Antonovich Group is well renowned as a trendsetter in architecture and interior design, thanks to its in-house, creative, and adventurous staff that never stops studying new things in design in order to suggest every major project that the firm is managing. A luxury bedroom interior design that follows a methodical space planning approach will always symbolize the beauty of art and elegance.

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