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Children's Rooms Design

Children's room interior design for just born baby fascinates with its gentle and comfortable image. Children's rooms design, as a separate direction in the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, is a subject to certain rules and regulations. In work on the children's room project, we certainly take into account the child's age, his character traits and hobbies. Children's room interior design for the youngest takes into account the comfort zone for adults, which at this stage spend a lot of time with the child. For a luxurious and comfortable children's room interior designers Dubai offered a neoclassical style with elegant and stylish touch. A nice range of shades with accents of pale yellow, green and blue became the basis of a sunny and light mood of the children's room interior design. The window is decorated with curtains of charming noble silk of cream shade, trimmed with braid which is green. In the ceiling decoration tension element of milky hue looks exquisite, which gently reflects cozy space of the children's room interior. Children's room design also must take into account the use of noble materials. In the wall decor wallpaper of large strips in pastel colors has got elegant and graceful look. Furniture fits perfectly into the gentle and warm mood of the interior. By the window for the comfort of adults a nice sofa, which is upholstered in milky fabric with a nice ornament in the form of small blue butterflies, is provided. The floor of natural wood is complemented with natural carpet in blue hue.

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