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Kids bedroom for boys

Design childs room for boys may well be described as a separate line art design. Work on the design project of the childrens a bedroom for the two brothers was very interesting.Communication with customers always inspires the creation of unique and luxurious projects. After all, each interior becomes a harmonious reflection of the character of its owner.Two sons of the owners of the house age 12 and 13 years - modern teenagers, who are passionate about sports and computer technologies. Therefore, in the interior of a bedroom, it was extremely important for them to create the ideal environment for a relaxing and effective activities. The interior of the room in a contemporary style. Interior designers have placed bright accents with the help of wall decor. Wall panels of muted gray are the basic background.But the most striking element was the original bas-relief with a backlight behind headboards. The modern design of the ceiling of gypsum plasterboard allows you to create multilevel lighting design with backlight.It gives the room a more expressive and relief look. The design of the rooms, photos of which we demonstrate after the project implemented, always reflect the ideal ratio with visualization.Elite repair is often the best way to give to the familiar home an entirely new look. And the interior design is certainly the beginning of elite repair or the construction of real estate. It was in this room these works were carried out. After all the design of childrens room inextricably connected with child psychology and childs age. And for every age need to pick up suitable colors and special lighting standards.Curtains in the modern interior of a childs bedroom in perfect harmony with an overall color scheme of the space.

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