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Kids bedrooms design ideas

Very harmonious and integral image of the interior in the style of modern classics created by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers for a child's room in a luxury apartment.Two sons of the apartment owners, aged 11 and 12 years got very warm and cozy atmosphere for relaxation. The interior of the children's bedroom is dominated by a light range of gray, white and silver shades. This interior is perfectly fit for adolescent boys. Their irrepressible energy, which is inherent in this age, in this room will be slightly softened, and children can really relax and unwind in comfortable surroundings.Child's bedroom interior has a very elegant and restrained character. The curtains in the bedroom of plain silver silk are gathered in straight folds and cascade down on the floor of white marble.To make the floor decor more expressive, designers have added thin lines of black marble with beautiful natural veins. Soft natural carpet geometrically ornamented perfectly complements the warm and cozy mood.Two comfortable beds are united by one soft headboard, which is upholstered with textiles of muted shades gray.The basis of walls decor is light-colored wallpaper with textured ornaments.The highlight of this project, of the children's bedroom from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, became a beautiful decor panel behind the headboard. The panel is framed by a stained glass cloth with backlight through the exquisite patterns.The ornamental motifs on the stained glass repeat exactly the wallpaper pattern. This makes the space very solid, harmonious and aesthetically perfect.

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