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Tender children's room design


This stylish bedroom interior design has a classical interior design concept. It is filled with the most wonderful and classy decoration that makes it very pleasant and lovely. It has the most tender and calming atmosphere as the Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the most exquisite and expensive furniture set for the bedroom. With the perfect selection of hues in pink and beige, this elegant bedroom for kids has been very well emphasized having floral details in the bed and very stylish wallpaper. What makes this bedroom interior design extra luxurious is how the gold metallic details have been perfectly arranged towards the walls, furniture details, and even for each accessories design. Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed performed a very fascinating interior design development for this childrens bedroom interior design.

Luxury Antonovich Design always assures us to perform the most unique and attractive interior design towards every work execution. Aside from having the perfect tenderness in style and interior mood, Luxury Antonovich Design has implemented the best fit-out work solution wherein the spaces of the entire bedroom interior achieves the perfect balance in style and spaces. When it comes to interior decoration, Luxury Antonovich Design has implemented to use a stylish wallpaper design instead of applying normal paint on the walls. The exquisite style has become more stylish over the ceiling detail of the bedroom, wherein, Luxury Antonovich design has selected the most elegant chandelier design which has been placed at the middle of the most creative carvings of the ceiling and gypsum design.

Each furniture design has been selected into the most strategic procedure wherein, the most desirable interior concept will perfectly be achieved with aesthetic perfection. What makes this bedroom extra glamorous is how the Luxury Antonovich Design has implemented a 3D customized carpet design using advanced technology to achieve the most fascinating result. Luxury Antonovich Design Team always works with great inspiration and rightful goals to perform the most remarkable interior design most especially for the coziest part of the house – the bedroom.

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