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Most Trusted Engineering Consultant in Dubai

How much do consultants make an hour?

Every project has a different requirement and every The consultant has a different task every day which has been very well programmed and scheduled according to every project development. Consultants have a very big responsibility and task in every project. They should always meet every standard and working procedures in every work stages every single day and hour count. Project Consultant is the most demanding and busy work as it coordinates to the full team, Engineers, Architects, workers and reporting to the project owner.  

The Consultant is providing the full services in the full areas such as the representation of the full project, program management, and design review. Consultants are responsible for taking full responsibility for the full program management, design review, building permit, Pre construction, subcontractor interface as well as doing the full employee affirmative action and equal opportunities. The Consultants is building the foundation with an outstanding relationship and mutual respect for the engineering and architectural industry. From time to time, they provide a special project developments that arise and require the best skills and expertise that compliments the best interest of every client for the project progress. Luxury Antonovich Design always acknowledges the best communication between the owner and the full team that values tremendously.

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