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Interior Design of the Spa Area


Successful design of saunas, hamam and spa salons is an important component of success in the health and beauty industry. Magnificent interiors in various styles, well-thought-out ergonomics of rooms, modern equipment — all this you can find by contacting Luxury Antonovich Design. The interiors of spa salons is one of favorite design story. With the advent of luxury fashion and expensive wellness treatments, the most famous designers and decorators are working on spa interiors.

As part of the design project of the spa salon from Luxury Antonovich Design, our architects and decorators are working out the details that influence the formation of a positive company image for the client. Color, textural, lighting solutions and the design of the spa salon fit-out are designed to create a feeling of celebration for the client, give birth to thoughts about the soon beautiful reincarnation, form the image of the immaculate beauty of the human body.

Marble mosaic, natural stone, wood — our professional and responsible professionals will select modern safe and durable fit-out materials for your spa salon that meet the chosen style and sanitary hygiene requirements. We will offer an interesting, fashionable, professional furniture filling of the spa salon, as well as competently place interior items taking into account space zoning, comfort and functionality.


When creating and designing beauty salons, Luxury Antonovich Design specialists take into account many nuances and details. Proper layout of the premises, convenient placement of equipment, lighting, as well as the color scheme of the interior affect the work of the masters and the internal perception of the clients of the beauty salon. Comfortable layout and properly organized space contribute to improving the quality of work and affect the formation of the image of the room and a sense of comfort among visitors. Before proceeding with the development and design of a beauty salon, Luxury Antonovich Design creates a single concept, idea of the future salon. The concept is formed on the basis of marketing research and includes many components — from determining the scope of activities (thematic focus), which must meet the needs of potential customers, class, location of the premises, architectural design and fit-out, and to complete with professional equipment, lighting and furniture.

The complete project from Luxury Antonovich Design is carried out in two stages and includes:

— Design project (architectural and design solutions);

— Working draft (architectural — building part).

As for the design of the future beauty salon, it always corresponds not only to the basic idea and wishes of the owners of the future beauty salon, but also corresponds to the chosen class.

Interior design of the spa area was designed for one of the luxury hotels. The design of the sauna, hammam is unique with design original solutions. And these apartments have become the highlight, which attract the hotel guests. The interior radiates the warmth of nature. This contributes to a wonderful original decor, natural stone walls with vertical landscaping, waterfalls and lights. Interior design is laid out so that guests feel completely comfortable. In the center of the apartment there is a round bar with high upholstered chairs. Sunbeds look exquisitely with their exquisite forms and details of the original decor. Interior design determines the mood of serene rest and relaxation. Ceiling design visually resembles a starry sky, and the walls design is similar to the natural landscape. Comfortable furniture, lots of seating areas allow everyone to choose what he likes and find a cozy corner. Elite status is underlined with the interior decor of the walls made of semiprecious stones illuminated.

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