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This variety of hammam combines Turkish heritage with current Western views. It is the focal point of the spa experience since it is part of a premium wellness resort. The architectural components, which are supplemented by contemporary and traditional accents, work together to provide a sense of serenity and relaxation. It has a monochromatic palette and simple touches, as well as hand-selected goods and fabrics.

Hestia developed a hammam as part of a premium spa retreat, adapting Turkish tradition to modern Western tastes. It is the focal point of the spa experience, with a relaxing routine incorporating various types of water and air at various temperatures.

Guests approach via an inconspicuous entry into the softly lighted room, which is made out of hand-carved natural stone, concrete, and soft marble finishes. The spaces architectural components work together to promote a sense of serenity and relaxation.

The center heated marble slab is the focal point of the area, which is bathed with sunlight during the day and chilly moonlight at night thanks to a big skylight. The tone and look of the space vary throughout the day based on the location of the sun and moon, creating an ever-changing experience.

The materials have been carefully chosen with an emphasis on tactility and how they interact with wetness, shadow, and light, using a studied, basic palette throughout.


We always preserve the natural design and structure of a typical hammam design and create it more artistically beautiful by conducting different modes and styles of mosaic design. Luxury Antonovich design has its in-house team which has been very expert when it comes to hammam interior design and fit-out. Therefore every hammam design project that Luxury Antonovich Design is conducting always achieves the most remarkable interior mood that satisfies every hammam owner. We also offer complete services and products for the full hammam design, equipment, and materials for a more effective interior design technique.

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