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Hamam Interior Design


The first thing the hamam design attracts is wealth and sophistication. All this is achieved by thinking through every little thing that is responsible for creating an incredible atmosphere. Hamam in its structure is very similar to the Roman terms. Hamam or Turkish bath traditionally is decided to design in the Oriental style. Traditional hamam by Luxury Antonovich Design is a place of relaxation of body and soul. Construction and decoration is carried out according to national traditions, which makes each visit to the hamam a fairy tale, immersion in the sacrament of the Ancient East with its ornate rituals, allowing for some time to become a modern sultan.

In the interior of the hamam by Luxury Antonovich Design there are no wood materials at all. Everything is made of natural stone, tile and marble. High ceilings are made in the form of a dome. The resulting condensate does not drip on the visitor, but flows onto the walls in special drainage trays. The heat inside the hamam spreads from the floor, walls and marble beds.


In the basis of the project of the hamam from the Luxury Antonovich Design lays eastern themes with decorative arches of traditional shape. For finishing the hamam project we used marble and Spanish tiles with floral ornaments, which emphasizes that this is a traditional Turkish bath. During the construction of the hamam much attention was given to the ceiling. In this project our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design implemented a complex dome with a cross vault, lined with marble mosaic.

For massage stone beds a panel of natural stone was developed. Marble bowl (kurna) is complemented by ornate brass taps. For decorative illumination a waterproof system of diode illumination of stone benches, arches and ceiling was used. During the construction of this hamam our designers and architects from Luxury Antonovich Design with particular care approached the selection of equipment — the steam generator, paying attention to the model with the best aromatherapy system.

Comprehensive services for the construction of a hamam by Luxury Antonovich Design include:

— Project development.

— 3D visualization.

— Making adjustments and additions.

— Development of a complete set.

— Directly construction work according to the projects.

— Finishing process and fit out.

— Technical equipment (installation of special equipment).

— Installation of kurns, cranes and other accessories.

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