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Spa and Sauna Design for Home


Interior designs are improving every year, impressing with its diversity, presenting us all the new arrangements. The presence of sauna in the house is no surprise. Saunas have an important and often decisive advantage — they are universal, they are easier to build from scratch or to install in an already finished room. It all depends on the amount of space available, the choice of the capacity of the sauna. Modern materials and technologies open up ample opportunities for our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design.

The main feature of the Finnish sauna is the use of dry heat in it. Due to this, the Finnish sauna can be built into the living space as a separate room. Unusual for the sauna element of the interior — decorative windows change for the better your idea of the interior of the sauna designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. Decoration one of the walls of the sauna room with the stone allows adding variety to the total wood finish without sacrificing practicality. Natural stone is able to withstand high temperature, it is moisture resistant and durable. The harmonious combination of stone with wood helps the design of the sauna to acquire individuality and charm. Dark stone tiles in this beautiful sauna project provide an excellent contrast to the warm reddish shades of wood.


In the arrangement and decoration of the premises of this amazing sauna by Luxury Antonovich Design are used resistant wood, such as oak and other solid types of wood. These materials are more suitable for these conditions. The temperature regimes require certain properties of wood. Wood trim is an excellent tool to enhance the calm and cozy atmosphere of the sauna. Using wood of different colors our designers effectively diversified the interior of the sauna.

For the sauna interior decoration materials must meet the following conditions:

— aesthetics and decorativeness, the finish should not be annoying, must be pleasant to eyes;

— safety — should not cause allergies and burns upon contact with human skin, the absence of toxins released from materials during heat;

— resistance to temperature changes, resistance to high temperatures, high humidity and ingress of water;

— hygiene — the material should be easy to wash, not reacting with cleaning agents;

— durability and strength.

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