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Today hamam is gaining increasing popularity. The fashion for a healthy lifestyle, a fit figure and positive thinking occupy an important place in the world. Hamam is considered a real temple of health and cleansing, it is a special Eastern philosophy. The luxury and specifics of hamam design plays a very important role. The design of the hamam by Luxury Antonovich Design is unusual and distinctive. It amazes with its elegance. All the design elements are made of marble and marble mosaic.

Creation a hamam design is a true art, therefore, starting to develop this project our team of designers took into account all the main points. Our professionals of Luxury Antonovich Design took care about the heating, ventilation, waterproofing and steam supply systems. During the construction and decoration of this project, our masters took into account and complied with all the requirements, as the decoration and design of the hamam require special attention.


The design of the modern hamam by Luxury Antonovich Design is separate private space that is lined with marble and equipped with natural stone and marble tile loungers, as well as a variety of ceramic and glass mosaic elements. The modern design of the hamam of our studio headed by Katrina Antonovich has an excellent architecture and traditional decoration. As architectural features we used classical columns with gilded decoration, stone benches, decorative niches in Eastern style, sinks and fountains.

Traditional hamam interior decoration in this beautiful project is distinguished by luxury, thoughtfulness and functionality. Everything is designed and planned in such a way that creates an atmosphere of maximum comfort and relaxation. The appearance of the interior resembles a royal palace. For creation a design that would be as sustained as possible in the national traditions our designers used materials such as marble and high-quality mosaic of amazing color of sky — agua color. This method of decoration not only reflects the Eastern motifs, but also creates the right atmosphere. Thick slabs made of natural stones the same color palette are used to create benches on which visitors can lay or sit. They smoothly and evenly transfer heat from heating systems to human bodies. In order to emphasize one of the dominant concepts of such benches we used the hidden lighting system, built in the bed stone.

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