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Oriental hamam is not just a steam room, but a place where you can relax your body and soul, have a rest, meet with friends or gather with your family. Construction and fit-out of hamam are thoroughly thought out by expert Luxury Antonovich Design specialists at the design stage of the building. This is important, because in the future we install sophisticated equipment to provide the necessary temperature and humidity indicators. Interior fit-out should be made only of high quality materials. Special doors for hamam are made of tempered glass — they are moisture-resistant and withstand high temperatures.

Hamam interior fit-out plays an enormous role during the construction and formation of the atmosphere of the place. Design of Turkish hamam from Luxury Antonovich Design is not only elegant, expressive and luxurious, but also consists of high-quality materials that have sustainable properties. Finishing hamam with marble and other noble material is a way to add a more presentable look to it. The reasons for this are the unique properties of natural stone.


The interior of hamam from Luxury Antonovich Design brings aesthetic pleasure. While building and fit-out works of hamam, the company uses exclusively high-quality materials, including dry mixes, glue, panels, marble and mosaic. Smart fit-out works of hamam from Luxury Antonovich Design are able to create a unique design, and realize the ideas of our architects. Conventionally, the fit-out decoration of the Turkish hamam can be divided into several types:

— Classic hamam fit-out with mosaic. Traditionally for finishing hamam our designers use marble or mosaic. These materials are able to give incredible color to Turkish hamam. Particularly immersed in the Eastern world and culture, wall and ceiling paintings, which are created in the original style and made of colorful mosaics and beautiful tiles.

— Natural granite. The material is durable and very strong, beautiful in appearance, easily withstands the effects of high humidity and creates the original and well-thought-out hamam design.

— Finishing of marble always looks luxurious and rich, thus the visitor turns his thoughts towards grandeur.

Luxury Antonovich Design uses mosaics and exquisite marble of noble colors for the walls and ceilings fit-out. With the help of the mosaic, you can finish absolutely all surfaces of the Eastern hamam, including stone beds, benches and a massage table. Wonderful drawings, laid out on vertical and horizontal surfaces, impress with their beauty. Mosaic in the hamam creates a single harmony, which gives peace and comfort.

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