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Saunas Interior Design UAE

The art of interior designer is that each interior is perfectly matched to its purpose and gave a feeling of absolute comfort. Saunas interior design became an important part of the villa design projects in Dubai. The project provides comprehensive spa area in which there is a swimming pool, sauna and hammam. Sauna interior design is designed to give both sensory and aesthetic pleasure. As you would expect in this kind of interior designers have taken as a basis natural wood of valuable species with special impregnation. In sauna interior the ceiling, walls and floor are decorated. Warm natural shades of wood are diluted with bright accents in the form of lines of LED backlight. And the fact that light can change its colors, adds the interior a special mood. The highlight of the interior design project was the sauna wall, which is decorated with natural stone and lit from the inside. The perfect organization of space and strict conformity of the interior was the main task, which is inherent in all the author's projects of studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

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