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Luxury Hamam Interior

Hammam design combines fine traditions of the East, the possibilities of new technologies and original author's ideas of designers. Villa Design Dubai reflects that villa owners are the true connoisseurs of luxury. Hammam Design is filled with spectacular original solutions. Hammam has become a real gem in the villa project. Delightful decorations fill the interior features with a romantic mood. In the wall decor interior designers Dubai offer original solutions in the form of niches with delicate ornaments and lighting, which visually resemble windows. The hammam interior is comparable to the work of art that gives homeowners the aesthetic and sensual pleasure. The most striking accent in the interior became large mosaic with an ornament in the form of ​​large flowers. Graceful patterns of mosaic on the floor completed the luxury image of the interior. The arches of the ceiling are illuminated with stars of ultramarine color and LED lamps.

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