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To Achieve an exquisite design and elegance for this hammam interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has chosen to create a very artistic form of mosaic design in gold that has the greatest fusion of design along with the glass and elegant decorative materials. Our team always assures us to perform a very systematic procedure of interior design development and fit out work to achieve the most functional and spacious interior mood. The right spacing for hammam interior design will always result in perfect convenience and comfort for a great well-being experience.


The circulation of heat in the sweating region is one of the most important features of proper hammam functioning. Mechanical, natural, and mixed air circulation are used to keep the hammams heat circulation balanced. In addition, for adequate air circulation and condensate run-off, boors must have vaulted ceilings.

Beautiful lighting creates a fantastic game of lights that is vital to the overall image of the luxury hammam interior design. To create a pleasant ambiance in the hammam, the lighting must be soft. As a consequence, we employ a range of light sources to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional lighting. LED backlighting, recessed spotlights on the ceiling, east ornament fiber-optical ceiling lamps, and fiber-optical wall lamps are all available.

The most defining feature of the Hammam is its soothing temperature. The Turkish steam room has a high humidity level and a moderate temperature (up to +55 °C). Steam generators are used in hammams to manage humidity by creating small amounts of dispersed steam, which is usually sprinkled with natural oils and is healthy to breathe.

The Hammam recommended temperature varies from 30 to 55 degrees, making it ideal for people who arent used to being exposed to extreme heat. Warming benches, walls, floors, and other important elements is feasible owing to equipment in the adjacent technical room that allows each heated surface to have its own temperature control.

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