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Elite Decor Boutique Interior

Dubai Interior Designers in this author's project of the elite decor boutique got very interesting and difficult task. The task was to combine a cozy feeling of warmth and luxury of home comfort with a clear purpose of this interior. It offers luxurious decor for luxury interiors. And to select wallpapers, the curtains and other decorative items can be in amazingly cozy atmosphere. The complexity and uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the interior designers Dubai very cleverly zoned the space, while preserving its integrity and expressiveness. With ceiling and floor decor the designers of the project divided the interior into several zones conditionally. Luxury chandelier surrounded by a canopy of carved decoration and illumination defines the center of the zone, the zone for negotiations and the zone with samples of the interior. Interior Designers Dubai made the main composition a bedroom interior, where buyers can see for themselves how harmonious and luxurious interior can be, in which there are certain ways of decor. Carved floors of noble marble shimmer under the light of the chandeliers. Samples of stucco decoration are complemented with sumptuous stucco moldings, which outlines the ceiling. This is a delightful elite decor boutique, in which interior designers Dubai via interior design able to provide all kinds of boutique services. One of the walls is decorated with beautiful bas-relief with a romantic urban landscape. Another wall is decorated with soft wall panel of the noble peach-colored velvet with mirrored accents. Showcases are inlaid with skillful carved handmade decor with gilding.

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