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Elite Carpets Salon Interior

Luxury interior design UAE from the studio perfectly underlines the purpose of the premises, their vision and direction. Author's interior design of the elite carpets salon was a good frame of luxury products. Interior Designers Dubai ideally organized interior space. In the project they masterfully emphasized most importantly, luxurious carpets. And that created an interior in which both buyers and managers feel cozy and comfortable. The interior design closely linked to the concept of the brand. This is highlighted with the luxurious reception, decorated with soft panel of golden hue with a deep sink marks. Upholstered furniture is in perfect harmony with the element of decor. The high ceiling in the middle is decorated with an elegant crystal chandelier, surrounded by elegant swirls of stucco decoration. Around the perimeter of the ceiling in order to emphasize the advantages of the goods interior designers have placed round ceiling lights. The decor of exquisite white walls with gilded pilasters frame the brightest options of the products. Thus, each carpet looks like a picture of a great artist. A supplemental lighting allows customers to fully enjoy the beauty of the product and evaluate. As befits the carpets salon interior, in floors decor there are luxurious carpets. This moment fills the interior with a pleasant feeling of warmth of home comfort. Interior Design Dubai is always a harmonious combination of luxury and functionality. Brilliant and beautiful solution was to raise the goods on broad tables on gracefully curved legs.

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