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Fashionable Interior Design


The sales level is affected by the exclusivity and relevance of the product, but the psychological aspect plays no less a role: store atmosphere, interior design, lighting. Showcase, signboard, interior — this is the first thing that the buyer sees. It takes seconds to attract attention and interest. The showcase by Luxury Antonovich Design is the strongest tool for attracting customers, a business card that creates the first impression for a person passing by. An open shop window is appropriate to use in stores with a clean, bright and beautiful shopping area. An open shop window lets in the customer inside, even before he opened the front door.

Due to the simple and not very combination of materials, lighting and mood, each area is endowed with its own aesthetic expressiveness, which preserves the overall visual unity of the entire store. The floor int his amazing boutique project by Luxury Antonovich Design is laid out of high-quality parquet, and its diagonal motifs accompany buyers throughout the retail space, adding dynamism and organization to it. With the help of contrasting colors and shaped elements the space is correctly divided into zones.


The interiors of clothing boutiques are an interesting and relevant topic. Its nice to go to a fashion boutique to admire its novelties against the background of beautiful interior decorations. In this amazing boutique design by Luxury Antonovich Design our decorators have successfully used the height of the boutique creating a sophisticated ceiling with pendant lights and relaxing lighting. The decorative details of the interior, made in silver color give a contrast to the design, emphasize the elegance of the walls and focus on the collection of shoes, clothes and accessories.

The interior design of the store should stand out from direct competitors, but at the same time meet the needs of the target buyer. The walls are finished in delicate shades of silver; glass display cases, fashionable lamps and a classic sofa with armchairs of rich silver color present the comfortable place where you can sit and relax. The main feature of this place is the monochrome of details and the use of multi-format mirrors.

Commercial equipment, color and texture of the walls are designed to emphasize the product. They are the most harmoniously combined with it in color, distinguish and emphasize it. The whole boutique interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is decorated in modern style with a large space, open communications, lamps in the spirit of industrial lamps. The structure of the building itself combines a variety of different materials: marble, solid wood, bronze steel, copper, glass and cement — mixed together they provide visitors with a variety of unique visual and tactile sensations. Simple and more refined materials are used alongside, creating the effect of structural elegance and minimal colors.
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