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Beauty Salon Interior

Interior decorators in Lagos of a beauty salon by Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly represents the concept of an institution which offers elite services. Interior designers sought to create an atmosphere in which every visitor to the salon will feel like a queen. The interior reflects the motives of Art Deco style with Art Nouveau accents nigerian interior decoration. As the basis of the color gamut, the project authors proposed gold. Modern technology combined with the creative ideas of designers Antonovich Design Studio underlie the unique beauty of the interiors in many different directions. The interior decoration in Nigeria of a beauty salon was another masterpiece among the works of the studio. The decoration of the ceiling looks great round mirror panels with a delicate gold pattern. This technique is not only visually increases the space but also complements it even with more elegant mood.Wall design in golden tones fills the interior of the salon with especially pleasant sunny mood.To make this part of the space more expressive, and at the same time zoning it, interior designers used a white decorative wave with soft backlighting line.Part of wall decor become luxurious pilasters with petals and stucco capitals, which are completely covered with gold leaf interior decoration pictures. Such moments in the decoration images are designed to emphasize the elite status of this institution.Working on the project interior designers take into account the technical norms of the organization of such salons space. Niches with mirrors, decorative panels with floral ornaments. All this is harmoniously integrated into the luxurious look of high-end a beauty salon pictures of interior decoration.

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