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Beauty saloon


The design of the beauty salon from the design and architecture company Luxury Antonovich Design is a properly designed space for the convenience of the artist and the comfort of the salons clients. Based on the latest trends in interior design and fit-out, a team of professionals will develop for you an interesting solution and help in its implementation. You can create an appropriate atmosphere of your beauty salon by ordering an individual and exclusive design from the Luxury Antonovich Design Company.

The interior of the beauty salon performed by Luxury Antonovich Design designers is perfection by itself. Our experts take into account all the details — layout, lighting, furniture and equipment, harmonious combination of colors, ergonomic working area. They take into account the specifics of the room and make every effort to optimize the space and create a comfortable design and high quality fit-out. A well-designed project of a beauty salon from Luxury Antonovich Design will help to favorably distinguish it from other establishments, to attract and retain customers. Our designers will provide you with the brightest, most innovative and interesting interior options.


The design of a beauty salon made by our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design is a complex formula consisting of unusual architecture, modern materials, interesting details and functionality. The interior has been designed with an idea, where customers feel the luxury of decor and smart design. For the different areas of the salon there used different wall and floor coverings. Our masters divided the salon into different zones, requiring different lighting and design. In the decoration and fit-out there is an abundance of gold color as a symbol of luxury interior. The floor covered with a mirror marble tiles creates glare and fills the space with radiance. The space of salon has several areas — consultation areas, styling and washing chairs, a table for mixing colors.

In each project from Luxury Antonovich Design, the layout of the room will be correctly performed, a refined color solution and a competent arrangement of equipment will be selected. Such an elaborate interior for a beauty salon will become your competitive advantage and a component of your business success. In this case, you can choose any of the existing styles, from classic to minimalism. We will be able to implement each of them, harmoniously combining all your wishes and design rules.

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