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Luxurious Beauty Salon Interior


The interior design of a beauty salon by Luxury Antonovich Design is created according to certain rules. The attractive aesthetics of the setting must be balanced by practicality, and the functionality is adjacent to the original idea. The interior of the modern temple of beauty made by our designers complies with all the principles of fashion-design, the desires for positive improvements and beyond the miraculous transformation, carry a special energy that adjusts to a positive result. The interior of a modern salon in luxurious classic style corresponds, possesses a special atmosphere, which tunes to a positive result.

Stylish, neat and extremely elegant — this is how you can describe the design of beauty salons from Luxury Antonovich Design. This is the result of the professional work of talented architects, designers and decorators. When creating beauty salons, our designers follow certain rules of planning, trying to use original decorating ideas. Creating interior of a beauty salon, designers of our company adhere to certain rules of spatial planning, as well as using modern and unique design approaches.


When developing the design of the beauty salon, our masters will necessarily equip the place where the procedures will be carried out with the right lighting, use only fireproof materials for decoration and competently arrange the filling. Any design from Luxury Antonovich Design must be based on three pillars:

— Functionality;

— Convenience;

— Practicality.

How to make modern materials reflect the refinement of the classic style? Designers of our company easily cope with this task like no other. They use the red-white-gold color scheme to combine the old style and newfangled trends. In addition, forms and lines are very important in the interior design of the beauty salon, so there are so many geometric patterns.

Another popular decorative solution that can be seen in the design of beauty salon by Luxury Antonovich Design is a carriage stitch in the upholstery of the walls, which is able to enhance the sound insulation of the room, and the decorative function of such a decision with the capitone effect makes the space more cozy and stylish.

Faceted mirrors are an extremely advantageous solution that can add a bit of luxury to the interior. When developing the design of beauty salons, our designers made some walls mirrored. This brings shine to the interior and contributes to the visual expansion of the space.

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