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Salon Luxury Wallpaper

For the most demanding connoisseurs of the world of luxury, for those who can afford the best, talented interior designers from Dubai Studio Luxury Antonovich Design create unique beauty projects. This delightful interior was designed for salon selling luxury wallpaper. Interior Design Abu Dhabi perfectly reflected the wishes of all customers about a cozy and festive interior. In this place, each buyer will feel worthy and comfortable. Surrounded by luxury, on the comfortable furniture you can slowly choose what you really like. The salon interior itself sets a wonderful moments of important purchase. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi in noble classics added trim accents. High ceilings decorated with lush curls of stucco decoration. Luxury reception is decorated with textile panel of juicy pink hue. Exquisite carved decoration and soft blue lights give this part of the interior delightful expressiveness. To demark the elite collections of wallpaper from top brands visually graceful pink marble half-columns with exquisite gilt capitals help. Luxury column helps to zone showroom space, dividing it into several zones. With all its pomp luxurious interior of the salon for the sale of luxury wallpaper looks homely. In the recreation area and negotiating area interior is decorated with luxurious furniture. In the walls decor bright accent became a romantic art painting with exquisite curtains of velvet ruby ​​and golden hue.

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