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Office Project Trading Company

Major trading company with international investments, for which the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design designed the office project, which is located in Abu Dhabi. The designers of the interior received the task to reflect the status of a successful company and to create an interior that would inspire employees and have credibility among customers. Interior Designers Dubai offered architectural design project in a modern style that perfectly reflects the wishes of the customer. The elite status of the interior is underlined with the natural marble in the decoration of floors and walls. Bright accents became insert of original onyx backlit. Office interior in Abu Dhabi, its appearance immediately adjusts to the excellent working mood. And it provides the ideal geometry of luxury and comfort. Concise and unobtrusive interior contributes to the inspiration in work. This is a complex design project, which takes into account all the nuances, the number of employees, their mode of operation, the direction of the premises. From luxurious and respectable chief office with meeting room to a cozy kitchen and a bedroom for those who stayedat work, doing an important project. Interior Design Abu Dhabi from design studio Luxury Antonovich design is ahead of time. It reflected the future of luxury and comfort with business emphasis. In the ceiling decor there are exclusive chandeliers in a modern style that are perfectly complemented with the LED lights. Furniture upholstered in natural leather, mirrors, shiny panels on the walls. All this in the whole interior designers Dubai artfully combined into a whole image of luxury office interior.

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