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Medical Spa


Successful spa design is an important component of success in the health and beauty industry. Magnificent interiors in various styles, thoughtful ergonomics of rooms, modern equipment — all this is about the professional work of Luxury Antonovich Design.

When creating spas and beauty salons, our designers follow certain planning rules, trying to use original decorating ideas. However, they clearly remember that this is primarily an enterprise that must meet certain requirements. Finishing materials, the degree of illumination of treatment rooms, filling in general, the norms of dimensional indicators — all of this we certainly take into account in the process of working on salons.

Stylish, neat and extremely elegant — this is how you can describe the design of spa by Luxury Antonovich design. It is the result of the joint work of Katrina Antonovich and her team of qualified designers. Blue and white colors, with elegant splashes of cream, created a light and bright mood in the room. The restrained and slightly austere interior design, with a subtle touch of glamour, made the interior a model of neatness, grooming and beauty.


The reception desk is made of light marble with abstract inclusions and stains. The wall in the reception area was faced with marble mirror panels and decorated with a stylish modern crystal chandelier from the new collection. In the waiting room we placed five bright leather chairs and put a rack with cosmetics. While waiting in line, visitors can not only browse through magazines and watch TV, but also choose products for body and face care, shampoos and other products.

Focusing on customer requirements, our designers have created a spectacular space with genuine European aesthetics. They took as a basis the vintage palette inherent in the art nouveau style, and supplemented this background with spectacular Art Nouveau components. The result was a spectacular mix of snow-white walls, sparkling light, expressive graphics and luxurious accents. The corporate colors included white, blue, gold and beige and cream shades, this emphasizes the openness and continuity of the design. The organic component of the concept is reflected in the design of treatment rooms. Interior of spa salon by Luxury Antonovich Design combines the best of classics and modernity, modern and organics, demonstrating the accessibility of the beauty industry to each client.

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