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Wedding Hall Interior Design

The restaurant interior design should always ideally match the concept. Only, in this case, visitors will feel harmony and integrity. And the restaurant will have its unforgettable face. Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design always adheres to the philosophy of uniqueness in its projects. Only new and luxurious ideas in every project. And the design of this restaurant fully corresponds to its basic concept, the holding of various kinds of festive events. In such an interior, every event will be remembered with its enchanting splendor. After all, even a photo session surrounded by such a bright beauty will be very stylish and refined. Designers of the interior studio Antonovic Design have rejected modesty and restraint. Only bright colors, only shine and the radiance of the holiday. The original solution was suggested by the authors of the project for ceiling decor. Suspended structures in the form of inverted cones are decorated with the glitter of a gold coating. They are crowned with elegant crystal chandeliers. The gloss of gold glitter sparkles and sparkles, giving the interior an unforgettable atmosphere. Festive and enchanting ceiling continued in no less elegant decor of the walls. Here the openwork inserts with illumination perfectly match with the gilding of three-dimensional panels. The game of color contrasts in the interior of the restaurant makes it even more spectacular. The most of the furniture is studded with velvet of a noble lilac shade. Natural marble on the floor with a special anti-slip treatment complements the elitism of the restaurants status.

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