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Stylish Hotel Interior Design


In the conditions of tough competition, todays hoteliers are trying with all their might to surprise and please the sophisticated guests with something to leave a trace in their memory. Unique design from Luxury Antonovich Design is a trend that beats the standard approach to hotel interiors. The more expensive the hotel, the more original the design should be. The most luxurious hotels and small modern hotels in order to maintain competitiveness are trying to completely modernize the interior.
Modern design of hotels from Luxury Antonovich Design implies the obligatory consideration of many factors:

— Architecture of the building;
— Ergonomics of rooms;
— Correct selection of stylish custom furniture;
— Choice of a beautiful decor;
— Selection of all the necessary finishing materials of high quality.

Ergonomics, based on the principles of safety and comfort, helps our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design harmoniously, safely and conveniently to equip every room of the hotel. 3d visualization of the hotel interior is an opportunity at the design stage to see the future interior of the building, to choose the optimal color scheme. In addition, 3d visualization from our design studio allows the customer and the designer to adjust every detail in the hotels setting, select suitable finishing materials and lighting — all this has a positive effect on the final result: the design meets all customer requirements, fashion trends; the interior is functional and unique.


The design of the hotel lobby is the first thing a person sees when entering a hotel. The first impression of the hotel depends on how this space looks. Our designers, architects and decorators can design the interior of the hotel lobby, which will be filled with an atmosphere of luxury and refinement, and can be designed unconventionally and unique. When developing a project, the Luxury Antonovich Design designers take into account all the features of the room — the shape and area of the hall, the parameters of all functional areas, evacuation routes, sound insulation parameters, and create the optimal solution for your hotel.

The design of the hotel from Luxury Antonovich Design is thought out as carefully as possible: a combination of fashion trends and practicality. When planning the interior of the hotel, our professionals remember that this establishment has the functions of both residential and public premises. That is why any design project of the hotel from our design studio not only pursues the goal of external beauty and comfort, but also meets the required safety and health standards. When working on a hotel project, our team of Luxury Antonovich Design takes into account the following points:

  • Location of communications;
  • Ensuring the effective operation of engineering networks;
  • Equipping the hotel with video surveillance systems and other necessary equipment.
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