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modern interior Miami

The Restaurant

It is true, that good food already speaks for itself, but space, where you dine, should have a serious interior design that makes the dining experience more comfortable and pleasing. The menu and the ambiance should go hand in hand that the design is more aesthetically pleasing to the guests. The shiny tiles and elegant marble floorings, these are two of the main materials of this modern interior in Miami. The best architecture design firm Luxury Antonovich Design company creates a Spanish-influenced with a touch of modern details in this interior design. Through the classic materials and marvelous designs of the Luxury Antonovich Design company, they are able to become the most sought-after firms in the industry.

The Design Aesthetics

The glistening city outside is highlighted with the nice windows that are strategically placed across the tables. It adds a warm glow to the designs and it makes the lighting look more elegant and classy through the night. This decorating trend sets a great impression to guests and it should be a great investment especially for businesses like these. The overall look of the interior design takes dining to a whole new level.

  • White walls are already a dead trend for restaurant interiors. The warm off-white or beige is now on trend making accents such as rose gold the new modern way to decorate the interiors.
  • Fixtures such as chandeliers tend to stay away from the huge crystal chandelier drops. The new trend is a series of drop lights in the same design with different lengths. This is a new way to be playful and funky at the same time.
  • The bar area is a place for small groups to chit chat and relax, it is designed to have liquor display rack to showcase your businesses most expensive drinks for the bar-goers.
  • Black tables: The black tables are a great way to add a sophisticated touch to the whole interior design.
  • Elevate each design with the decorative theme that matches the interior, chairs and tables, and all other elements that need to complement the whole design aesthetic.

The gold interior accents add a beautiful reflection of a luxurious yet modern restaurant. The impressive menu accompanied by an amazing modern interior makes a dining more memorable. Fill in your guests mouth with great food and feed their eyes with an amazing interior. These design aesthetics is all because of the greatness and smart ideas of the Luxury Antonovich Design firm. Being in the industry for a long time, they have mastered the art of architecture and design, with also adding the latest trends of modernity and contemporary.

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