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Expert Interior design firm Dubai UAE for Royal Style Villa


One of the nicest aspects of this luxury home interior design Dubai is the overlooking high-ceiling. You can see how fantastic the arrangement is in the second story. To complete the overall wonderful atmosphere of the luxury villa interior design in Dubai, stunning furniture designs, beautiful accents, and high-quality materials were employed. Everything was put together to create a magnificent and breathtaking ambiance. In the completion of this luxury villa interior design Dubai, Antonovich Group examined two things: defining the overall aesthetic of the space and determining the primary places for furniture arrangement.

The Dubai luxury home interior design was done in a Scandinavian manner, and the living, dining, and kitchen areas all share the same style and ambiance. Antonovich Group created it in a modern style with practical features and bright colors. After the luxury home interior design Dubai was completed, the customers were pleased with the results. Theyve transformed their boring high-rise room into a welcome home thats both maximized and comfortable and elegant! The large dining area is just a few steps away from the living room. Because of the tall, big windows, fitting the entire luxury house interior design Dubai and the kitchen has been stunning.


White is the dominant hue in the simple white wall, dining set, and other furniture. The shared areas are visible to guests as soon as they enter the luxury home interior design Dubai. A gold accent was used to contrast with the white motif of the luxury home interior design Dubai. More niches and furniture, such as those in the living room, were created to maximize space and avoid clutter.

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