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A cozy living room on the second floor of a country mansion is intended for rest with the family. If the first floor is a more open space, where guests are welcomed and solemn events are held, everything the second floor is devoted to a quiet and comfortable rest. The advantage of the interior was the corner arrangement of the room and the presence of a large number of windows. The arched configuration of the windows has determined both designs of the curtains and also some elements of the decor. Curtains made of gold brocade fall beautiful folds, which are formed with the help of soft holders. Each window is framed by an arch with a white stucco molding. Such a wonderful combination of gold and pearly white color gives the decor of windows more expressiveness. The fully white ceiling is decorated with accents in the form of stucco decor. In the dark, a traditional chandelier in the classical style with forged elements, crystal pendants, and the neat white lampshades lighted interior is. Such dazzlingly white ceiling very brightly shades the rest of the interior decor elements. Silk wallpapers in golden tones perfectly fitted for the walls. And the main highlight in this living room interior is beautiful Italian furniture in classical style. Upholstery made of luxurious fabric with printed patterns is wonderfully combined with natural wood. The furniture is inlaid with carved decor with gilding. Also, accessories play an important role in creating a cozy image. Designers complement the room with cute silk pillows with exquisite sconces, coffee tables, and carpets. house floor plans 1500 square feet, house floor plans and designs, house floor plans and prices, house floor plans with photos, house front design pictures

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