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Neoteric interior living room

The grandiose by the standards of beauty and creativity ideas have offered the interior designers to sitting room design ideas in a luxury home building plans in Nigeria.Modern style with light accents of art deco was the basis of this wonderful project.Interior designers have managed to create a space with an incredibly easy and laid-back character.Almost all the rooms are combined with each other visually. One space harmoniously flows into another living room design ideas. The interior is virtually no massive walls and partitions.This is another masterpiece of the studio's architects. With all the impeccable quality and durability of the building, its structure is thought over in such a way as to give a visual sense of lightness and weightlessness. For this project, the authors actively use glass in the interior and modern lighting.Also, the original look of the space, and zoning methods. So a large dining room and bar counter put to a low podium with dark marble. The basis of the decoration of the walls is a beautiful natural shade of gray marble with the natural pattern. Also, the interior designers have proposed to the living room interior, original wall decor that is visually reminiscent of a waterfall on a tropical island building plan drawing. Modern technology, which our design studio actively use in its projects, allow realizing the most daring ideas.High ceilings in the living room, which in some places extends to almost the entire height of the building became a highlight of this interior interior design ideas for living room. In such a space, massive crystal chandelier looks light and airy. In addition, according to the customer requirements, the living room is equipped with a modern fireplace.

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