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It can be repeated indefinitely that the living room is the most important room in the house. But these are not just words. It is here that all the main events in the house take place. Here welcoming guests. In this room whole family gathers. And the designers task is to create the most comfortable and thus aesthetically beautiful atmosphere. The interior design of this living room was designed for one of the elite apartments in Dubai UAE. The classical style became the basis of the project, and the Luxury Antonovich Design studios designers made it individual and exclusive. The complexity of the problem consisted in the fact that space is relatively small, and the owner of the apartment wanted to get the full set of necessary attributes of an aristocratic house. The authors of the project very successfully selected the color scheme and furniture for the interior of the living room. The biggest part of space is occupied by the dining zone which is located at the window. This is the best way to demonstrate the hospitality and friendliness of the owners of the house. A beautiful table made of natural wood, painted in milky white, is surrounded by soft chairs with a noble bearing. The chairs are upholstered in luxurious textiles with printed damask patterns. And their delicate outlines of the backs give the interior a refined and elegant charm. A large window is covered with translucent tulle of milky shade. They are framed by chic curtains made of silk velvet in lilac tones. Special attention deserves the decor of the walls in the interior of the living room. Here wood paneling is filled with beautiful silk wallpaper. They are complemented by exquisite sconces and art paintings with special illumination. Every detail in the interior makes sense and its philosophical significance. green landscape design, gypsum decor design, gypsum interior decorators uae, hall interior design ideas

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